Viewings of your property

Contemporary living room with pastel colored walls

After all the hard work you have put in, you’ll need to be ready for the people who want to view the property. Just like when you made it look its best for the photography, this is all about preparation:

  • Make sure the front of the house is tidy and neat. Depending on the location of your property, clear space for viewers to park their vehicles.
  • The property should be clean, tidy, well-aired and well-lit.
  • If you have pets it might be best to arrange for them to be cared for during a viewing. Some people may not like dogs or cats etc. and they can serve as a distraction.
  • If it is cold, ensure the heating is on so the property is warm and comfortable.

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The devil is in the detail

The above points are the major considerations, but serious potential buyers will want to see every room and might want to look in any storage areas such as built in cupboards under the stairs. Every space needs to be as accessible and tidy as possible.

There are a lot of articles written about extra things you can do to make your home appealing – from baking treats to create pleasant smells to placing fresh flowers on the worktops. Ultimately, a clean and tidy space, even without the extras is the best way to show off your property. After all, a viewing is a chance for someone to imagine themselves in the space, not overwhelmed or distracted by how it currently looks.

Your estate agent

Where possible, it is useful if an estate agent accompanies the viewers as they are the property experts and know how to sell a property. You can also provide the estate agent with a key to your property so that they can conduct viewings if you are out.

Make sure the estate agent has everything they need for the viewing, including access information. Should you need any advice on conducting viewings or what you should do in advance, speak to your estate agent for their hints and tips.

Open House Events

If having lots of viewings at different times is not convenient for you or if you need a quick sale, it can be beneficial to have an Open House Event. Open Houses are a very successful service with Felicity J. Lord Estate Agents.

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What is an Open House Event and how do they work?

An Open House Event is a single appointment where a number of potential buyers can view the property at the same time. These can be an appointment that lasts for an hour, a couple of hours or a whole day. At Felicity J. Lord, we will arrange the Open House for the best possible time period for your property and your requirements.

Felicity J. Lord manage the entire process for you. We discuss it with you first to work out how quickly you would like the event arranged and then iron out the details around that. From sending out invitations via email campaigns and SMS, contacting potential interested buyers, advertising in local press and social media to conducting the Open House Event on the day at your property, Felicity J. Lord co-ordinate the entire event for you.

Benefits of an Open House Event

  • You only have to prepare your property for one appointment.
  • It creates a competitive atmosphere that can cause the value of offers made to increase.
  • Having an Open House Event may increase the number of potentially interested buyers as people may be more inclined to attend an event led by the estate agent.
  • You can gauge the level of interest in your property by the number of people who attend the Open House.

Once viewings are taking place, the estate agents should be in touch once they have received any offers from potential buyers.

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