Why let with Felicity J Lord?

Whether you are an experienced landlord or just starting out, Felicity J Lord has extensive local knowledge to let your property quickly and ensure you secure the best rental income.

London is a collection of fabulous neighbourhoods that all have their own character and charm. At Felicity J Lord, we appreciate an area's heritage and reasons why people love to live there. It is this knowledge that we turn to our client's advantage when we help them let or rent property in London.  

Take a look at our helpful guidance articles below.  

Letting process


Thinking of letting a property? Here is a detailed guide from Felicity J Lord to help you at each stage.

How to let a property?

Selling rented property


Sometimes you want to sell the property that you are currently letting. This can be complicated when you have tenants that have not reached the end of the tenancy agreement. Here are some tips to helps...

Selling process for landlords

Top tips for landlords


We have put together some guidelines to help you know what to look for when investing in a buy-to-let property, what to bear in mind and who to aim your property at.

Buying property to let

Market Info


Up-to-date market intelligence information for your area, or choose another location to research further afield.

Market Info