How FLINK for Landlords works

Sometimes, the best tenants are hard to find.

Meet Emily.  She has lived in the same property for ages, and hasn't given much thought to moving - even though her lease is up for renewal.  But she'd move in the blink of an eye for the property in the right location.  Unfortunately Emily isn't searching right now - so she doesn't know your property is available in her ideal location.   

FLINK can fix that.

FLINK examines data from providers like Google and Facebook, using clever technology to understand who might be interested in your property and which features might appeal to them.

Then it creates multiple ads for your home and shares them across social media. And it makes sure different audiences see different ads, depending on what’s likely to grab their attention. Then, by constantly tweaking who sees what, FLINK makes sure your property gets the right attention from the right potential tenants.

Four steps to FLINK:

  • Create: FLINK creates 40 digital property ads for you, each showcasing your property in a different way.
  • Target: FLINK sees who’s clicking on each ad. So when Emily responds to a particular ad, we share it with more potential tenants like her – people who are likely to love your home as much as she does. Remember, we’re doing this with all 40 ads. So while one group of people might be getting excited about your kitchen, another group may be eyeing up your garden.
  • Share: FLINK shares the ads on social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This way we reach thousands of people we know will be interested in a property like yours. For instance, if you’ve got a great kitchen, we’ll target people who are likely to want that kind of thing – people like Emily.
  • Adjust: FLINK constantly adjusts, in real time, to the success of each ad. So we keep sharing the ones that are getting the right kind of attention – and we ditch or tweak those that need to work harder. Which means the most successful ads are always visible to the right people.

We even give you regular updates, to show you how many potential buyers yours ads have reached.

No other technology can tap into those tenants who aren’t yet registered with a letting agency or searching the property portals.