Five bedroom property in Stoke Newington sold


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Laura got in touch with Felicity J Lord estate agent in Stoke Newington to market her North London based property and was ecstatic with the result the team achieved for her.

“Felicity J Lord exceeded the asking price by £50k!”

Impressed with the ease of the whole process, Laura was delighted the team in Stoke Newington could not only deliver her a great price, but also a result at speed.

“It took about 10 minutes to sell.  Seriously.  It couldn’t have been easier.  Considering I live 250 miles away I was kept informed about all developments regarding the property and always treated with courtesy and friendliness.”

And the reason for the incredible result the team achieved for Laura?  Felicity J Lord’s outstanding marketing strategy and deployment of their unique social media tool, FLINK.

“You did such a good job with the advertising and photos etc. that it literally flew off the shelves.”

The 5 bed Victorian home, on a tree lined street in Stoke Newington, was the perfect opportunity for a family to buy a sizeable home they can put their personal stamp on.  The trendy and bohemian, village like area of Hackney was ideal; attractive to like-minded people, close to many family-friendly parks with several transport links into the centre of London.  It’s no wonder then 59% of those reached with the advert were between the ages of 25 and 44. 

Using FLINK, the property was seen by a massive 23,000 people in the short time it was on the market.  Those who clicked through to look at the property in more detail amassed 30 hours of viewing time, giving an outstanding level of exposure to Laura’s house.  FLINK sustained the activity on the property with an average of nearly 200 views per day. 

Using FLINK and a strong marketing strategy, Stoke Newington Felicity J Lord exceeded Laura’s expectations on price and provide a friction free process.

“I needed an efficient, quick and fuss free sale, handled by competent staff – and that is exactly what I got.  Thoroughly recommended.”

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