Safety for Tenants

Get Excited! 

We’ll get as much information about the property as possible to
give you that positive feeling about making your next move.

✓ Fantastic photographs
✓ A great description
✓ A detailed floorplan
✓ A Quick Sneak Peek showing the highlights of the home
✓ A full video walk around to help you see everything


Find Out More

If appropriate we can arrange an Accompanied Viewing Online which is a simple video call, hosted by your agent, where the occupier shows you around.


Before Your Viewing

• If you want to view an unoccupied property in person we’ll get you booked in.
• We will ask everyone attending to confirm that no one in their household is isolating, has any coronavirus symptoms or is classed as vulnerable and has been asked to shield. 
• If you’re not sure at any point about the safety guidance then check out the NHS 111 online questionnaire to help you.
• The occupier will make sure surfaces and door handles are clean and open up the doors to avoid you needing to touch anything.

The Viewing

• Up to two people from the same household can view the property which should take around 15 minutes.
•Our agent will wear a face covering and we will ask you to do the same before entering the property.
• The occupier will open the door and stand well back to let you in. 
• Once you’re inside please take the time to wash your hands.
• If the occupier is to show you around the property we will run through the protocols to do the viewing safely.

After The Viewing

• On your way out it’s a good idea to wash your hands again.
• Then you can chat to your agent about making an offer… fingers crossed you get it!