What Is Let Agreed?: A Guide for UK Landlords

What Does Let Agreed Mean?

Let agreed means that the property is no longer available for rent as a tenant has been secured, and the necessary documentation to commence the lease is in progress.

After Let Agreed: What's Next?

Once your property is let agreed, you're a significant step closer to renting it out successfully. Here's what happens next, with your chosen lettings agent taking on certain responsibilities:

Lettings Agent Responsibilities to Landlords:

• Communicating in writing with all parties to confirm rental terms, payment frequency (e.g., weekly, monthly), and any tenancy conditions.
• Obtaining references from tenants and, if necessary, a guarantor.
• Ensuring all parties read and sign the Tenancy Agreement.
• Collecting required payments to initiate the tenancy, such as the deposit and first month's rent, with all deposits registered with a deposit protection scheme.

Responsibilities Of Landlord:

While the lettings agency handles the above tasks, landlords have their own responsibilities to fulfil:

• Arranging a professional inventory report detailing all items in the property, including furniture and their condition, crucial for potential deductions at the end of a tenancy.
• Ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations for all furniture and furnishings.
• Conducting gas appliance servicing by a CORGI-registered engineer and maintaining safety records.
• Verifying electrical wiring safety approvals by a qualified electrician.

Responsibilities Of Tenant:

Before moving in, tenants must:

• Undergo credit checks and provide references.
• Sign documents detailing payment details and contact information.
• Prepare the deposit or opt for deposit-free renting options such as Flatfair. Find out more about Flatfair.
• Review the property inventory for accuracy.

Moving Day:

Once all requirements are met, a mutually convenient moving day can be scheduled. If the lettings agency holds the keys, they'll release them to the tenants on moving day. For properties under management services, tenants must be provided with contact details.

Congratulations on Letting Your Property Successfully!

Next Steps:

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