Helping you manage your investment portfolio

This month, we asked Kate Hurles, Head of Landlord Investments all about the Investor Services Team, and the benefits of joining our Landlord Investment Club.

Q Firstly, The Investor Services Team sounds quite grand – what does your department do?
A) Our team provides a single point of contact for our investment landlords. Our customers are seeking maximum growth, for a minimal effort. However, for many reasons landlords don’t always have their portfolio in the same town, county or even region and for some that could mean dealing with a different lettings branch for every single let.

That may not be a good use of a landlord’s precious time – particularly those who choose our fully managed service because they want their investments to work hard for them, not  the other way around.

That’s where we step in. Working closely with our national branch network we deal with each of the individual branches on our landlord’s behalf. Whether the tenant is about to leave their property in Leicester or they’re looking for a new tenant in Norwich. A broken cooker in Cambridge or they’ve just expand their portfolio in Essex – we oversee everything for them. The local branch still does all of the work, but we take care of all communications between the landlord and the lettings branch.

Q) You also invite your landlords to join the Landlord Investment Club – in a nutshell, what is it?
A) Put simply, we help landlords proactively manage and grow their property portfolio.

Q) What benefit does a landlord get from the club that they couldn’t do themselves?
A) We connect landlords with the people, services and advice that can help them optimise their property portfolio. or example, we work closely with developers, and we can secure
exclusive invites to pre-launch events, allowing our customers to select their investment property before the development goes on sale.
Our network of sales agents continually monitors their local market for properties that would be perfect for investment. Their knowledge of both the sales and rental market helps means we can share properties with our Landlord Investment Club members that would offer impressive yields.
In some cases there are properties for sale with tenants already in place - and because we already know the property and the tenant, we can help ensure it’s a seamless transaction for the new landlord.
Finally, we can put a landlord in touch with a specialist, qualified advisor either mid-term, or when their current buy to let mortgage is coming to an end, and it could be that assessing their investment can release equity to help fund a new investment.

Q) Does a landlord have to have a minimum number of properties in order to join?
A) Absolutely not - a landlord could have just a single property or 500, everyone’s welcome.

Q) How much does it cost to join?
A) Nothing! It’s completely free to join

Q) How does a landlord join?
A) If you’re not already a member of the Property Investment Club, or would like to speak to someone on our Investor Services Team about helping you managing your investment, contact our property investment expert Kate Hurles on 07960 120267 or email