Making your rental property feel like a home



Although there are restrictions on decorating that come with renting, there are still ways of making your rental property feel like home. You can’t repaint an entire wall or retile a bathroom of course, but there are some things you can do that won’t break your agreement.

Introduce some plants

A good way to create a more homely atmosphere in your property is to add some plants. Aside from being nice to look at, they also help clean the air and eliminate toxins. A living room is a common place to put them, but consider adding them to other rooms, such as a bathroom and a kitchen. Both work well with plants due to them being humid.

Increase storage

A lot of rented properties come with a lack of storage options, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add extra furniture or access that can act as storage. Bookcases for example are great for mixing storage with style, but to achieve this you need to create balance; make sure you’re displaying objects of various shapes, sizes and colours that all work well together.

Removable wallpaper

Don’t be fooled, removable wallpaper does in fact exist! It comes in a range of designs and adds something to all styles of rooms, as well as a sense of fun. When you move out, you can remove it with ease and it won’t leave any mess behind either.

Fresh lighting

New lighting can work wonders in a rental property; even the best looking rooms can look flat without adequate lighting. Normal advice would be to have no less than three layers in a room. The most common layer is ambient lighting, usually displayed through ceiling lighting; the second is task lighting, which acts as light for a particular, such as a floor lamp; the third is accent lighting, which draws attention to a particular area or object, such as candles, downlights and table lamps.

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