Making Your Home Feel Bigger


making your home feel bigger.jpeg

No matter what size property you live in, as a homeowner the chances are that you’ve had to compromise on the amount of living space you were hoping to have. Check out the tips below on how to make your small spaces feel bigger:

Let there be light

It’s not just the overall size of a room that matters, but also how we perceive it. Our eyes are drawn to the amount of open space in a room as well as the amount of light, so you should focus on making the most of both. To achieve the best balance within a room, you should aim to have at least three sources of light, consisting of low (table lamp), mid (standing floor lamp) and high (ceiling lamp) sources. Dimmers could also be installed to let you control the level of light within a room, depending on the time of day and occasion.

Windows are also a great source for natural light; ensure they’re always clean so they bring in more sunlight and draw the eye to the outdoors.

Floors and walls

Sometimes it can feel like the walls and floors are literally closing in. To combat this, opt for lighter coloured walls over darker walls as this helps create the illusion of a bigger space. Mirrors can also have this effect when placed in the correct places. Place one facing a window and you’ll instantly double the amount of light shining through. Darker floors, to pair with lighter coloured walls also create a contrast, along with an ‘earthy’ feeling below your feet.

Clear out the clutter

Most of us can part with at least ¼ to ½ of our things, so decide what you definitely want to keep and get rid of the rest. One thing that helps make a room feel bigger is to create a dedicated open empty space to allow for some visual breathing room. Aim for at least 10% of your storage areas to be empty to achieve this.

Long lean shelving also works for drawing the eye to the ceiling, enhancing a room’s size; a long bookshelf running up a wall will help create the effect of a bigger space.

Furnish wisely

Is there a spare table that’s just collecting dust, or a broken chair you never got around to fixing? Have a look at your current furniture and get rid of anything you don’t use.

To save space, opt for items of furniture which serve multiple purposes; a pull-out sofa bed is a good example of this, as well as a trunk that also acts as a coffee table.

Items that lift off the floor with legs also help keep a space visually lighter, so remember this whilst shopping as well.