Designing your dream bedroom


designing your bdream bedroom.jpg

A bedroom is an area for resting both our mind and body .It’s where we go when we desire relaxation and rest, but it’s also where we head when we’re in need of an escape. Does yours lack that special atmosphere? If so we have some tips on how best to achieve it.


A bedroom that’s messy and unorganised will not inspire relaxation. Decluttering isn’t too difficult as long as by the end of it, you make enough space for storage, such as cabinets. If you can’t spare the space, consider adding shelving to a wardrobe, or implement storage drawers underneath your bed.

Appropriate colours

Your bedroom’s colour palette should be selected based on its layout and the type of atmosphere that you want to create. Here are some ideas for reference:

  • Dark colours, like navy and forest green create the feeling of romance within a small bedroom. If you go down this route, ensure you don’t go overboard as too much can make a room feel dark and smaller.
  • Greens and blues make a room feel colder; this can be beneficial when trying to achieve some balance if it attracts plenty of natural light.
  • Soft purples, like a pale lilac is a fresher option for both warm and cold bedrooms, due to its position between the warm and cool hues on a colour wheel.
  • Shades of reds can make a cold room feel warmer.

Cut out the noise

Noisy neighbours, nearby traffic and living on a busy road all contribute to a poor night’s sleep. To counter this, introduce thicker fabrics and textiles to your bedroom for soundproofing; fitted carpets and layered window treatments are examples of this. Ceiling and desk fans also help, particularly in the summer months.

Size up

Ensure you take some time to study the size of your bedroom and what you can fit inside it. If your bed is too big, there won’t be enough space for other bedroom essentials such as a chest of drawers or a nightstand. When furniture hunting, select objects that’ll fit nicely into your bedroom, depending on the amount of space you have available. Must-haves obviously include a bed and bedside tables, but do you require other items such as a dressing table and/or wardrobe?

Introduce some luxury

Why not treat yourself to a little luxury and add some top of the range bed linens in plain colours or attractive, funky patterns? You could also implement some window treatments to add some extra colour and balance to your bedroom; light curtains are great for letting in cool air during the summer and heavier curtains keep in the heat during the colder months.

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